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This week, in Breakout Companies, we are covering Superhuman, the fastest email experience ever made. Superhuman is one of the companies we keep on hearing about almost everyday. Read about them here👇

Breakout Companies MEMO #2- Superhuman

Why is Superhuman an Interesting Company?

  1. Founder Rahul Vohra is perhaps the best Product Mind in the Valley Right now!

  2. The product stands at 15k paying subscribers right now with more than 180k people in the waiting list.

  3. People are sending “gluten free cakes” to Superhuman HQ to get access to the service😂

Jobs at Superhuman

  1. On-boarding Specialist

    In this role, you will be required to become a leading expert on email and productivity and perform 1:1 VIP onboardings with our customers. A key part of the job is building longer term customer relationships to foster brand loyalty.

    More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/7lmtzr/view

  2. Full-stack Engineer

    In this role you will be required to Develop new products and features, improve existing products and features and become an expert in web app development. Along with this, you also get a chance to expand your development experience across the stack and to other platforms.

    More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/6424mz/view

  3. Product Manager

    In this role you will be reporting directly to the CEO. The aim is to design and build a category-leading consumer product and grow and evolve Superhuman as a premium consumer brand. You will also be in charge of building a product-first culture that attracts the best talent for years to come.

    More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/v7mey4/view

Roles at Other Breakout Startups

  1. Full-Stack Software Engineer at unspun

unspun is a venture-backed robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans for each consumer, on-demand. The aim of the startup is to reduce global carbon emissions by at least 1% through automated, localized, and intentional manufacturing.

More details here: https://fullstack-devs.xpo.network/b/qhkemy/view

  1. Full-Stack Engineer at VoiceOps

Voiceops is revolutionizing the $500bn+ call center industry by giving sales teams quick & easy access to their customer conversations, powered by machine-learning.

More details here: https://fullstack-devs.xpo.network/b/a43fqp/view

  1. Lead Software Engineer (Networking) at Marlin Protocol

Marlin Labs is building protocols to empower the next generation of decentralized applications.

More Details here: https://fullstack-devs.xpo.network/b/zvjo2v/view

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