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This week, in Breakout Jobs, we are covering Figma, the collaborative browser based design tool that everyone is raving about these days. Read about them here👇

Breakout Companies Memo #4- Substack

Why is Substack an Interesting Company?

  1. The company is making newsletters cool again. As Ryan Hoover, Founder of Product Hunt, says it,

  1. The company has been in operations for more than one and a half years but they haven’t hired a single person, the founders are doing everything from building the product to customer support.

  2. People hate ads. Medium pioneered this concept with the $5 subscription model, but Substack is taking it one step further where you can support your favorite writer directly through a paid Substack subscription. As Paul Graham says it,

Jobs at Substack

  1. Business Development at Substack

  2. Senior Back-End Engineer at Substack

  3. Senior Front-End Engineer at Substack

Other Breakout Jobs[Remote Edition]

  1. Software Engineer (Computational Geometry) at Higharc

Higharc is a stealth-stage, VC-backed startup that is changing how new homes are designed and built. Our goal is to make custom-fit homes accessible to anyone by automating home design and customization online. The startup gives you the home you want without hiring an architect.

Apply Here: https://remote.xpo.network/b/ifq4fe/view

  1. Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer at Webflow

Launched in 2013 as a graduate of Y Combinator’s startup accelerator, Webflow is the best in class drag-and-drop tool for creating performant, responsive websites without the use of code.

Apply Here: https://remote.xpo.network/b/wrkory/view

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