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This week, in Breakout Jobs, we are covering Figma, the collaborative browser based design tool that everyone is raving about these days. Read about them here👇

Breakout Companies MEMO #3- Figma

Why is Figma an Interesting Company?

  1. The company took the market by storm by introducing a Google Docs like collaboration tool for developers.

  2. The company is at the inflection point and is looking to accelerate its growth ever further with the fresh $40M funding from Sequoia.

  3. People can’t stop talking about it. Here’s a snapshot of Figma’s Wall of Love😄

Jobs at Figma

  1. Engineering Manager at Figma

In this role, you role will involve scaling and mentoring a diverse team of engineers at the core of our product and technology strategy through rapid business and company growth. You will also be partnering with Product and Design teams to ensure Figma’s design capabilities are best in class.

More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/5wqphm/view

  1. Product Designer at Figma

In this role, you will work cross-functionally with engineering and other business partners to arrive at the best possible designs. You will also be contributing to overall strategy and decision-making about product direction.

More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/4hzack/view

  1. Software Engineer at Figma

This role at Figma requires you to collaborate with designers, PMs, and other engineers to design features and break down high level goals into tasks and timelines.

More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/f7hgob/view

  1. Product Manager at Figma

In this role, you will be working cross functionally with Figma’s design and engineering teams develop concepts and troubleshoot issues. You will also be required to drive sprint planning and prioritization for new feature development along with defining KPIs for a product success.

More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/cnni3m/view

Roles at Other Breakout Companies

  1. Senior Software Engineer at Let's Do This

Let’s Do This is a marketplace for endurance events.

More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/67aqcr/view

  1. Full-Stack Start-up Developer at SeriesX

SeriesX is a Security Token Structuring as a Service company that possesses technology and techniques that enable the production and delivery of 'Programmable Securities'​ on the blockchain.

More details here: https://jobs.xpo.network/b/etka7d/view

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