Breakout Startups #20- Clarisights

The startup helping marketers make sense of data


This is Ankit here back on a Friday Morning. Prior to starting the usual newsletter stuff, I’d like to congratulate, Linear, the issue tracking tool we wrote about recently has raised $4.2M in a Seed Round led by Sequoia Capital.

Back to the usual routine now, today, In the 20th Edition of Breakout Startups, we are covering Clarisights, the company aiming to build a unified platform for growth marketing teams to make better decisions.


Clarisights helps performance marketing teams by — 

  1. Unifying reporting — Modern marketers want to unify isolated data into a consistent structure. With Clarisights, they can centralize all of their marketing data from different sources (not only their advertising but analytical, attribution as well as custom internal sources) in one place which increases transparency, reduces manual effort and eventually helps them make better-informed decisions on their marketing initiatives.

  2. Granularity — One of the biggest advantages Clarisights has over all its competitors is the power to drill down the data until the maximum granularity level (even the ad creative level). Marketers can compare and see which creatives worked for them and which didn’t — all of these in real-time.

  3. Integration — Joining data from different analytics channels with advertising channels and backend data to give marketers a complete funnel view of their marketing enabling them to understand where they’re spending the money and what kind of ROI they get from their money spent.


Currently, an enterprise Performance Marketing team relies on their Business Intelligence and Engineering team to get their analysis done . The process usually involves:-

  1. Data Collection — The engineering team either does API integrations with the channels where the marketing team is running advertisements on or uses tools such as Supermetrics, StichData, to build the data pipeline.

  2. Once the data starts coming in, they store and transform this data in a data-warehouses such as Google BQ, Amazon Redshift

  3. Data Visualisation — And finally they use a generic Business Intelligence platform to build dashboards like Tableau (acquired by Salesforce for $15.3B), Looker (acquired by Google for $2.6B), etc

The main problem with this is that the marketing teams do not own their data. They need to be dependent upon either the analysts or the engineering team to get their data or even to maintain the dashboards. To top that, the dashboards on generic BI tools lack marketing context and require users to learn and understand SQL to use them properly.

Clarisights unifies all these features together in one platform for marketing teams so that they can get answers to all of their questions instantly without wrangling Excel scripts or depending upon an analyst.

Founding Team

The Clarisights Founding team comes with an immense amount of experience in working with Ad Products from teams such as Facebook, Google, and Walmart.

  1. Arun Srinivasan — Founder and CEO, Clarisights. Marketer with more than 12 years of experience. Ex- Hostelworld, and Zivame. He was also behind the first-ever ad placed on Facebook.

  2. Ankur Gupta — Co-Founder of Clarisights. Ex-Google, Walmart. He holds multiple patents for his work in MarTech.

  3. Ashu Pachauri— CTO of Clarisights, Ex-Rocket Fuel, Facebook. He was a part of the DB and Scalability team at Facebook.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Clarisights is a result of the insights they developed and the problems they faced during their work. This very much makes them the ideal team to build a product such as Clarisights.

If you want to understand more about what the team’s motivation behind the product is, I would highly recommend reading this blog post 😄

Our New Identity — Clarisights
We have all been there. You stay up all night preparing the presentation for your monthly marketing review and you show…


To date, Clarisights has raised a total of $2.3 Million in seed funding and is backed by marquee European VCs including Signals Venture Capital, Cavalry Ventures and Techstars Ventures along with an incredible group of Angels. Additionally, they were 1 of 10 startups in the 2018 class of the SAP.iO Foundry, powered by TechstarsAccelerator in Berlin. Their investors have invested in companies like Delivery Hero, DigitalOcean, SendGrid, Zalando, Algolia, and many more.

Clarisights in the Market Landscape

If you look around, the market space is extremely crowded with the likes of Nugit, Stichdata, Supermetrics, but no one is trying to solve the entire problem of reporting at once.

The company has been able to onboard big-ticket customers such as Delivery Hero (with a marketing budget of more than $300M) and high-growth startups (like About You, Mindvalley, Livspace) paying thousands of dollars monthly.

This blog post is a good read if you want to see how the product has evolved.

Thank You, Early Adopters!
A small note thanking the early adopters of

At this point, the company deals with an almost unbelievable amount of data for an early-stage startup.

The Marketing Analytics Industry has blown up in the past few years. We are seeing a new wave of tools ranging from Mixpanel to Looker(acquired by Salesforce), however, there has not been that many developments in how marketing reports are made. 

Clarisights is looking to fill in on that gap in the ecosystem. This is what makes them the perfect rocketship to be at if you are looking to break into tech 🚀

Jobs at Clarisights

Clarisights currently is a 32 Member strong team and is actively hiring across Engineering, Product and Design Roles.

Platform Software Engineer at Clarisights-

Infrastructure Engineer at Clarisights-

Backend Architect at Clarisights-

Full Stack Developer at Clarisights-

Frontend Developer at Clarisights-

Frontend Architect at Clarisights-

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