Breakout Startups #13- Pitch

And Launching Breakout Careers #1


This is Ankit here. Over the past week, we have been rethinking how we can create more value for our readers here. In a quest for this, today, we are launching Breakout Careers, a place where we decipher successful careers.


Next week onwards, we will be sending out 2 Editions of Breakout Startups, one highlighting a Breakout Career on Wednesday and one highlighting a Breakout Startup on Friday.

Launching Breakout Careers

In the first edition of Breakout Careers, we are taking a look at Alex MacCaw, Founder of Clearbit, the company building the data intelligence backbone for businesses.

Prior to this, he was Employee #20 at Stripe, one of the elite startups in Silicon Valley.

Breakout Careers #1- Alex MacCaw

Stripe was truly a Breakout Startup in Silicon Valley in 2011 and the “Stripe Mafia” is doing wonderful things now.

Breakout Startups #13- Pitch

Coming to one of the Breakout Startups of 2019, today, we are talking about Pitch, the Berlin headquartered startup which is aiming to build “Powerpoint for the Slack Generation”.

Breakout Startups #13- Pitch

Pitch is a part of new crop of tools coming up in the productivity space focused on disrupting the decade old mechanisms in place through collaboration, design and smart integrations. 

Jobs at Pitch

Software Engineer at Pitch-

Senior QA Engineer at Pitch-

Senior iOS Engineer at Pitch-

Senior Front-End Engineer (Security) at Pitch-

Front-End Performance Engineer at Pitch-

Senior Back-End Engineer at Pitch-

Senior Front-End Engineer at Pitch-

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