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We had a blast of a week in the past 7 days with this newsletter crossing 270 subscribers yesterday. We came up with an amazing concept and are launching it today.

Company Profiles:

From today, we are going to be profiling Breakout Companies to work at, starting with Notion.

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About: Notion is an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task management

Why is Notion an Interesting Company?

  1. Notion is aiming to build the most leveraged and useful software of the last (or next) decade. You can help the company realize this goal.

  2. The team is small, and people wear many hats. You can jump between product, marketing, internal tools, process — participating in every phase from inception to implementation. Absolutely no boredom.

  3. Notion has already hit profitability and over a million users with a very small team, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'd join them the perfect time to shape what we build and how we grow.

Jobs at Notion

  1. Make Your Own Role at Notion

This is a DIY Role. We are looking for talented people who don't fit any of our current job listings, so please make sure to list your full set of skills when you apply.

More Details Here:

Location: San Francisco

  1. Designer Who Can Code at Notion

In this role, you will get to craft every detail of new product features, from idea to UX to pixel-perfect execution, work closely with our Community & Support team to understand what users need, want, and love about Notion. Not only this, you also get to work with other teams such as Marketing, Sales and get to plan the entire roadmap.

More Details Here:

Location: San Francisco

  1. Security Engineer at Notion

In this role, you'll build out our company security processes and infrastructure with strong security principles in mind. You'll determine what systems and tools we need now, and as we scale, to keep all data in Notion secure. You'll also help establish our security culture at Notion.

More Details Here:

Location: San Francisco

Other Breakout Jobs

  1. Senior iOS/JS Engineer at Puma Technologies

About: Puma is building a Privacy focused web browser with a new way to pay for content and services without ads and tracking.

Location: Denver, CO

More Details:

  1. Software Engineer at NurseFly

About: NurseFly helps nurses find relevant short-term travel jobs and research the best cities to work in.

Location: Denver, CO

More Details:

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