Breakout Careers #3- Martin Permin of Pelion

The founder working to increase the amount of mentorship in the world

Today, in Breakout Careers, we are covering Martin Permin, Founder of Pelion, a marketplace for talented individuals to receive mentorship in return for Income Sharing Agreements.


Martin Permin is the Founder and CEO of Pelion. Prior to this, he was the first employee at and helped the company become one of the major players in the Email Marketing Space. He also led Growth Initiatives at Airbnb from 2012–14, the blitzscaling phase for the company.

If we go ahead and take a deep look at Martin’s career, it can be divided into these parts.

  1. Joining Airbnb

  2. Becoming first employee at Hive[YC S14]

  3. Starting Pelion

Let’s explore these points one by one:

Joining Airbnb

Martin joined Airbnb in 2012 when the company was in the “Blitzscaling” phase and helped the company expand its operations in Nordics.

He developed new initiatives for the company to ensure hyper local-and nation wide growth.

First employee at Hive

After his stint at Airbnb, Martin joined Hive fresh out of YC and the company made a significant pivot a week prior to demo day. Navigating a company before Product-Market fit is a whole different ballgame and wasn’t easy for him. 

However, he says in an interview, a lot experience of building a company from scratch transferred from Hive to Pelion. Over at Hive, he learned how to operate well with limited resources.

Starting Pelion

After working at Hive for sometime, he left to start his own company, Pelion.

The startup enables anyone to speed their career development by finding a mentor in a field of their choice. Currently, more than 100 mentors are available on the platform from companies such as Apple, Airbnb, Stripe, Facebook, and several others.

Permin and his team are big believers in the fact that a good amount of real and impactful business transactions happen in networks. 

With Pelion, he and his co-founder Holger Thorup, aim to enable mentorship for anyone at any stage in their careers.

The company has already been making waves in the space with several ISAs already operating on the platform!

Interesting Things

  1. Martin is a giant sports medicine nerd.

  2. One of his most recommended books is Xenophon's Cyropaedia.

  3. Currently, he is trying to be better at being a public CEO and branding of Pelion and himself.  

  4. You can also reach out to him via his Pelion Page for Mentorship and Career advancing opportunities. 

Martin on Pelion | Working to increase the amount of mentorship in the world.
Martin is using Pelion to connect with meaningful people and improve their career trajectory. Explore Martin's…

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